Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lighty Tray Release 0.1

This is the first release of Lighty Tray. This is a system tray menu to control and configure LightTPD. It is easy to use and simple to understand. I don't think anyone would have to go through a learning curve to use it. Best of all anyone is free to edit and configure the entire tray menu whichever way. The use of this software does not require any licenses and neither is anyone stopped from making any kind of changes to it. In case you do update just let everyone know about it and make it available free.
And just in case you find it useful and good leave a note :-)

I should mention that there might be (very rare) some problems as I had it ready in a few of my long late night jaunts with my computer. I also thank my wife for being patient as always and bearing the keyboard clatter and lights late in the night. You might consider it a beta release and let me know in case you have any problem getting it up.

Lighty Tray Release 0.1
* Provides a bare minimum menu option for users using LightTPD.
* Start and Shutdown LightTPD from a single place, plus get through to its various options quick.
* Easily configure the menu items.
* Right mouse Click - Brings up the Lighty Tray menu
* Left mouse Click - Brings up the menu configuration and details menu
* No installation required - have LightTPD in the right place and just fire up the tray!

Future features:
1. Enable LightTPD as a windows service.
2. Able to identify the state of the service from the tray menu.
3. Enable more options and make it better ;)

Download: Lighty Tray Version 0.1
LightyTray V 0.1.7z 458325 Bytes

LightyTray V 604230 Bytes

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I just liked the line "NO RIGHTS RESERVED" :-)


Anonymous said...

I would be nice to be able to set the editor for editing the Lighty config. That could just be a path to a program (which you can default to notepad.exe if you want) entry in the ini file.

Very nice. I am just checking out both products.


Anonymous said...

Never mind...I see it in the INI now. Duh.


Techknight said...

Hi Robert,

It will be simple, a left click on the icon today gives an option to reload the Lighty Tray config file and also to read the readme. Similarly an entry in the ini file should add a new option to open the config file instead of the readme.

We also have a similar option in the advanced section( a right click and the topmost option "Advanced" - "Edit LightTPD Configuration"

I guess anyone who has peeked in the ini file would realise that it is very simple to remake Lighty Tray any way we want. :-)


Anonymous said...

open-source? where is the source code? All I see are binaries and a config???

Kevin Worthington said...

The link to my site should be

Techknight said...

Thanks Kevin for reminding me. And I have updated the same at the Lighty Tray Home page @

Just something very important that I forgot to mention here which raised the query earlier by anonymous that its only binaries. Lighty Tray is completely Aestan System Tray app realsed under the creative commons license and hence to see the source you will have to visit the Aestan Website.


Joe said...

nice program but where is the source code????

Techknight said...

Lighty Tray is completely Aestan System Tray app realsed under the creative commons license and hence to see the source you will have to visit the Aestan Website.

Source Code Location: