I am planning to start off a small project [ LightyTray] mostly because I did not find one that would do the work for me.
I had setup lighty (LightTPD) for myself and wanted a system tray menu control option for the same. Thanks to Kevin I had lighty up and running on my Windows box fast. And I like it cause its fast and definitely light! But searching the whole wide web did not give me one place to control lighty through a tray icon from the system tray menu. Searching SourceForge I found UWS(Universal Windows Service) which will create a service out of a simple .exe and also provide a place to track the service created. Then I came across this article - Create your own user-defined services Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and the "Aestan Tray Menu" website which seems to provide the kind of answers I am looking for.
I want a way to manage lighty and control it easily from a easily accessible place and I think they should be enough for me to achieve it. I will keep everyone posted on the developments. Till then get hooked to LightTPD. Its a great http server with very less fat! ;)


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