Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AllPeers - DRAG 'N' SHARE

The thing with the detailing about a software is that there are already enough people who would have talked about it, reviewed it and asked many others to use it.
AllPeers is one which has been doing a frequent round of reviews, talks, opinions, gossips and what not all over the wide web world for a very long time now!

In simple terms AllPeers is a simple way to share files and chat securely. Almost the same way you would do with other IM clients which have file sharing capabilities. It became open source according to its developers on "Wednesday March 07th 2007, 7:40 pm" (the post on their blog "AllPeers Goes Open Source"). Well at least the client side code is open but I am still not sure about the server side of it. Its integrated with Firefox(you know Firefox right?) as an extension. The source is very tightly integrated with the Mozilla Firefox browser source. Internally the client is modeled as a P2P client based on the bit torrent protocol.
Read what people have said and are saying:
1. AllPeers: Killer app for Firefox?
2. Best new Firefox addin: AllPeers
3. Firefox add-ins lets you easily share files online.
4. AllPeers in Wired
5. Google AllPeers or Yahoo AllPeers

So whats in AllPeers for you. There are a few according to its developers (I will add mine as well)
1. Its a IM and file transfer client, 2 in 1
2. The chat is secure
3. The file transfer (since it uses a P2P model) is supposedly fast
4. It opens in the Firefox sidebar, has drag and drop capabilities.
5. Its private file sharing and almost untraceable. Files are only shared when both the partners are online and only to the ones you want to.
6. It works through firewalls.

What its not and what I did not find it to be.
1. It is not a mass file sharing bit torrent client. It cannot download torrents for us. It would be fun to have it too though, it anyways has the bit torrent protocol support. There is a future upcoming release which will enable it to be a bit torrent client (sometime in September).
2. It is not as fast as it claims. I did try it and it was not spectacularly as fast as claimed. I think I found the reason - its the bit torrent relation it has. The speed is considerable or really observed when you have more friends with whom you share the same file. I tried sharing a file with one friend and it was very slow but the moment I shared the same with another online friend I could see the speed increasing (but not massive mind you). I concluded that the speed of transmission is directly proportional to the number of online friends with whom the file is being shared.
3. The system is not yet very stable - with friends being displayed offline and online in between and at different instances.

But if you wish to have bit torrent capabilities for Firefox and need a quick way to share a large file with many friends then AllPeers could be a good open source choice for you.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Miranda - The Lightest IM on Earth!

Miranda IM is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows. It's smaller, faster, easier! More about Miranda IM

I have been itching to talk about Miranda for some months now. I have used Psi before (its light) and have liked it too. But currently Miranda has taken its spot for really being the lightest and fastest one amongst all IMs I have used. Checking the memory usage when Miranda is loaded I found it to always hover around 6-7MB. The least being a steady 3.50MB and max up to 10MB. And this is with the few plugins I added to Miranda to make it work jazzier. Thats another interesting aspect of Miranda, the plugin section which has quite a few community provided plugins which add extra glitz to the IM. I have for example: popups, extra menu options etc...
Most of these plugins are small dll files which you have to put in Miranda's plugin directory to get them recognised and activated. Simple yet efficient the mark of a very good software. I have been using it for sometime and my only qualms have been its unfashionable looks and at times difficult to 'find' right plugins. Mind you it works excellently well without any plugin anyways. Since its multi protocol (I have AIM, Yahoo and Gtalk together) it suits my needs perfectly well as I don't have to open different chat clients together each trying to be a bigger hog on my system than the other. Even Gtalk supposed to be one of the lightest IMs, is way heavy and huge compared to Miranda. Obviously this is only a text IM and I did not see voice chat, IM environments, jumping smilies, new shade effects etc...

But in case you are looking for a truly light, simple, multi protocol, really free, stable and a Instant Messenger then look no further - Miranda is one of its kind.

The latest release of Miranda as I write is: 0.6.8 Download Now

A month away!

A month without a entry here! WoW!
Not that I have been lazy but just spending my time away from the rush and run.
I needed sometime to realise and fix some things which had been hanging. Answers always reach from the hollow and the empty (this has never proved better than in this case for me). I had to find out if I really wanted to write about open source applications, if this really meant something for me, is there something more I can do...
Lots of questions and only a month to think about them. I wonder what about the bigger questions, when do I get time for them?
Anyways I guess I have climbed down from my own hill and will continue now again.
The quest to...