Thursday, July 28, 2005


pdftohtml is a utility which converts PDF files into HTML and XML formats.

The latest release is 0.36
It's based on the xpdf 2.02 by Derek Noonburg
Demo: PDF Document HTML Document

You can get a win32 GUI for pdftohtml here

This is a neat one. I use pdf every day and would like to have a copy of them in html. I found this one fast and very simple to use. It was definitely good. But since my pdfs have lot of complex graphics it was not able to get it very right. But I am happy as it still did present it correctly and neatly. I was wondering why the pages are generated separately and couldn't have been as a single html page.
To install this open source application and to get the windows GUI up you will have to install the following:
GhostScript (the "Windows Binary" package)
PDFtoHTML (Get the "Windows Binary" package)
PDF2HTMLgui v1.3 (the Windows Binary again! ;) )

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


AstroGrep is a windows gui grep utility. Grep is a UNIX command-line program which searches within files for keywords.

Visit the AstroGrep project page hosted by SourceForge to download the latest version, get the source code, post bugs or request features.

View the source code in the cvs repository on SourceForge.
1. Regular expressions
2. Concurrent multiple file types
3. Recursive directory searching
4. A "context" feature that selects the lines above and below your search expression
5. Most Recently Used list for search paths
6. Somewhat versatile printing options
7. Double click to open file with editor of your choice
8. Store Most Recently Used file names and search expressions
9. Match Whole Word Only
10. Free of charge and Open Source

Features being contemplated:
1. Color highlight search criteria in results
2. Replace
AstroGrep was developed by Theodore L. Ward with contributions from the open source community at and is copyright (C) 2002 AstroComma Incorporated. AstroGrep is freely distributable with certain restrictions under the GNU Public License

I tried astrogrep and found it to be simple and easy to use. For someone who finds command line interface broing will definitely like it. But I would still prefer to use the comandline "grep" utility than this. One good is that there is no installation required. Download the executable and you can start off immediately. This should be working for any file type with readable text in it to work I guess. Right now it has got stuck and I would need to close it from the taskmanager [ guess can happen while trying to grep a binary file :-) ]. Find a screenshot here...

Monday, July 25, 2005


Has been a long time now that I have posted here. So I am back with another open source application.
RAMpage is a Windows utility that displays the amount of available memory in the System Tray. It can also free memory; by double clicking the tray icon, by setting a threshold that activates the program automatically, or by having it run automatically when an application exits.
RAMpage is free to use, and the source code is also freely available.


* Frees memory automatically, on demand, or after an application finishes running
* Very low active memory footprint, and very low resource and CPU usage
* Can run "hidden", which further reduces memory and resource usage
* Can be run from a batch file, or via a shortcut, to free memory on a "once off" basis
* Easy to install, configure and automate, (click here to see the configuration screen)
* Freeware
Things RAMpage does NOT do:
* Free System, GDI, User resources, (sorry!)
* Compress memory
* Modify cache, or other system settings
Most common mistakes:
* Freeing too much memory
* Confusing "Resources" with "Memory"
* Not reading the online help

I have been using this now for some months and truly it works and works good. This one is a higly recommended neat little open source app.