FreeMeter is a simple, friendly network monitoring and diagnosis tool, written in C# using the MS .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. Its primary function is to display graphically how much data you are transferring over the network interfaces in your computer. It is also a handy tool for tasks such as copying broken URLs to your browser, pinging and tracing other computers, and watching for new email.

-Graph of bandwidth usage, show download only, upload only, or both.
-Iconified Graph of bandwidth usage in Systray allows hiding of main graph when it is an obstruction.
-Display units in bits or bytes or both.
-Configurable connection speed (graph scale) and update interval.
-Monitor any or all network interfaces installed in your computer.
-Select colors and transparecy of the graph.
-Log total bytes, time, and averages to an html or text file.
-View graph of last 24 hours stats.
-URL grabber watches clipboard for URLs, removes line breaks and opens them in your browser.
-Email notifier can check up to 5 POP/IMAP email accounts for new messages periodically.
-Graphic Ping and Traceroute utilities to help diagnose network problems.
-GPL license, free for all to use

Simple and small this is a useful application. Tracks my network usage and gives me an idea of my internet connection speeds. The download and upload speed details are my favourite giving me the correct amount of data being transmitted and received by my system. Very active development ensures that its always ahead and updated. With additional utilities like ping, traceroute and URL grabber this should be a one stop place for monitoring your network connection. Highly configurable and simple navigation options make it one of the 'simple' best applications I have come across. Checkout FreeMeter screenshot


Anonymous said…
Thanks! I thought traffic had picked up a little today, then i saw your site come up as a refferrer. Sorry if things are changing around or dissapearing on you, im currently editing the freemeter web site.

Again, thanks for the kind words,
Techknight said…
FreeMeter has now entered the Wikipedia.

Edit and update and add more about FreeMeter in the Wikipedia FreeMeter page.

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