Thursday, June 29, 2006


FreeMeter is a simple, friendly network monitoring and diagnosis tool, written in C# using the MS .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. Its primary function is to display graphically how much data you are transferring over the network interfaces in your computer. It is also a handy tool for tasks such as copying broken URLs to your browser, pinging and tracing other computers, and watching for new email.

-Graph of bandwidth usage, show download only, upload only, or both.
-Iconified Graph of bandwidth usage in Systray allows hiding of main graph when it is an obstruction.
-Display units in bits or bytes or both.
-Configurable connection speed (graph scale) and update interval.
-Monitor any or all network interfaces installed in your computer.
-Select colors and transparecy of the graph.
-Log total bytes, time, and averages to an html or text file.
-View graph of last 24 hours stats.
-URL grabber watches clipboard for URLs, removes line breaks and opens them in your browser.
-Email notifier can check up to 5 POP/IMAP email accounts for new messages periodically.
-Graphic Ping and Traceroute utilities to help diagnose network problems.
-GPL license, free for all to use

Simple and small this is a useful application. Tracks my network usage and gives me an idea of my internet connection speeds. The download and upload speed details are my favourite giving me the correct amount of data being transmitted and received by my system. Very active development ensures that its always ahead and updated. With additional utilities like ping, traceroute and URL grabber this should be a one stop place for monitoring your network connection. Highly configurable and simple navigation options make it one of the 'simple' best applications I have come across. Checkout FreeMeter screenshot

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Notepad++ is a free source code editor (and Notepad replacement) which supports several programming languages running under the MS Windows environment.

This project, based on Scintilla edit component (a very powerful editor component) are written in C++ with pure win32 api and STL (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program), is under the GPL License.

Another Notepad! Well this might be the genuine reaction of many. We can understand, why not, with a notepad which MS has handed(bundled) down over the ages we have hardly asked for more. Notepad++ is - I should say state of the art notepad. We have had better (!) and better (!!) Windows every year but what happened to the small and always used notepad? Notepad++ does exactly that. I definitely think the "++" captures the idea well. Its a neat little very big on features notepad(++) making the MS notepad literally obsolete. With features like macros, highlights, tabs, plugins, regular expressions, auto complete and much much more this is the cutting edge in text editing.
I know I have mentioned about Cream/Vim before and I still say that Vim is a very powerful editor, it can be rather said as a programmers editor to some extent. But notepad++ takes up where others have left off. It is very fast, feature rich easy to use and definitely light on the eyes too. I have already replaced my old Windows notepad with the new Notepad++ and I can assure anyone that it is a breeze to work with it. Some observations I made about Notepad++ is it takes close to 8MB of my RAM for a blank tab which does not increase (much) with 20 more blank tabs. Yet the time it takes to start is amazingly fast. Another test I tried out was trying to open a huge file - I opened a avi file of approximately 700MB and it was successfully able to open it and best of all did not crash. But surprisingly for a smaller file of around 300MB it did crash. Now I am not sure who will have a 700MB/300MB text file (other than system log files which we all don't use yet I think) but then if you have one go ahead and use Notepad++ to open it.
Check out some of Notepad++ screen shots.
Enjoy editing!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lighty Tray Release 0.1

This is the first release of Lighty Tray. This is a system tray menu to control and configure LightTPD. It is easy to use and simple to understand. I don't think anyone would have to go through a learning curve to use it. Best of all anyone is free to edit and configure the entire tray menu whichever way. The use of this software does not require any licenses and neither is anyone stopped from making any kind of changes to it. In case you do update just let everyone know about it and make it available free.
And just in case you find it useful and good leave a note :-)

I should mention that there might be (very rare) some problems as I had it ready in a few of my long late night jaunts with my computer. I also thank my wife for being patient as always and bearing the keyboard clatter and lights late in the night. You might consider it a beta release and let me know in case you have any problem getting it up.

Lighty Tray Release 0.1
* Provides a bare minimum menu option for users using LightTPD.
* Start and Shutdown LightTPD from a single place, plus get through to its various options quick.
* Easily configure the menu items.
* Right mouse Click - Brings up the Lighty Tray menu
* Left mouse Click - Brings up the menu configuration and details menu
* No installation required - have LightTPD in the right place and just fire up the tray!

Future features:
1. Enable LightTPD as a windows service.
2. Able to identify the state of the service from the tray menu.
3. Enable more options and make it better ;)

Download: Lighty Tray Version 0.1
LightyTray V 0.1.7z 458325 Bytes

LightyTray V 604230 Bytes

If you download Lighty Tray, please Digg it.. Thanks.

I just liked the line "NO RIGHTS RESERVED" :-)

Monday, June 05, 2006


I am planning to start off a small project [ LightyTray] mostly because I did not find one that would do the work for me.
I had setup lighty (LightTPD) for myself and wanted a system tray menu control option for the same. Thanks to Kevin I had lighty up and running on my Windows box fast. And I like it cause its fast and definitely light! But searching the whole wide web did not give me one place to control lighty through a tray icon from the system tray menu. Searching SourceForge I found UWS(Universal Windows Service) which will create a service out of a simple .exe and also provide a place to track the service created. Then I came across this article - Create your own user-defined services Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and the "Aestan Tray Menu" website which seems to provide the kind of answers I am looking for.
I want a way to manage lighty and control it easily from a easily accessible place and I think they should be enough for me to achieve it. I will keep everyone posted on the developments. Till then get hooked to LightTPD. Its a great http server with very less fat! ;)