Thursday, December 30, 2004

Gaim - Instant Messaging(IM) Client

Gaim:Following the browser, Instant Messenger (IM) has caught us all with its power and ease of use. It is hyped as the next killer application of the Internet world after Email. Today, there are many Instant messengers that work on different protocols.

So if you have a friend using a particular IM that you don’t have installed? Don’t fret; install Gaim from and chat with your friends who are using any major messenger application. Currently, it supports Yahoo, msn, Aol, Jabber and many others.

I have used it and wil say its just great. I have uninstalled Yahoo and MSN IM. Who needs them now that we have Gaim ;-P
I did not see a IM environment seting option (as in Yahoo IM) yet... Hmmm... and is there something else that I havent found yet?


Firefox:A Browser is arguably the most used Application while connected to the Internet. It actually acts as a channel between your computer and the Internet world. With multiple vulnerabilities found in Internet Explorer in the recent past, users all over the world are switching over to a more secure browser. Firefox is one such browser, which is not only more secure but also rich in features. For example, be it with the popup blocker or the much touted tab browsing. The full version of Firebox browser can be downloaded free from

I have tried Firefox and I liked it too but have become more of a Opera fan. Still a much better alternative to other browsers ( including Opera! ;) ). Its fast, small, nifty and definitely has good interface. Have a go for it you might just start liking it.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Review of some well known Desktop Search Utilities,aid,117809,pg,1,00.asp

This is interesting because I will be mentioning about Desktop Search Applications in my next posts. Just to mention I havent found them to be opensource. But still they are free and interesting. We should be hearing about them and are presently hot news as almost all major players seem to have joined the bandwagon.(FYI.. I use Copernic)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cream/Vim Text Editor

This is one of the best in its breed. VIM if you have used it in UNIX or LINUX would know the kind of flexibility and features it provides. Cream is like a add-on for VIM. It makes VIM all the more feature packed and easier to use. But I have observed some downside to it too. Cream is slower than VIM and takes more time to load. This could be because loading the configuration parameters and applying them to VIM takes time. Otherwise definitely I would suggest Cream for the new users. It has this unique feature of setting the mode for normal and expert. Those who are familiar would like to use the expert mode and the newbies can start of with normal and proceed to expert.
Now a bit technical. If you observe gvim.exe picks up the configurations for cream from the creamrc file.
["..\vim63\gvim.exe" "-u" "..\vim63\cream\creamrc"]
This "rc" file is open and can be reconfigured without any legal dagger hanging over your neck ;-)
VIM too is opensource so if you are brave and adventurous can open the source code and recompile it on your own machine. Great, here again, no one can stop you from doing this (I love this!)
>One of the features (the reason why I got Cream) is that of copying columns from the text. Now this feature can be carried out in VIM too(of course it can be after all Cream is VIM) but definitely its simpler and more intuitive in Cream.
>Somethings else I frequently use it for is to do a diff on two files and viewing them side by side. This is a breeze in Cream and very very useful(specially the folding option can make life much easy)
>Text search is fast (blazingly - as it searches the text in the screen realtime and you can actualy see the text being highlighted) and why should it not be after all VIM is famous for its speed. [Note: a search in VIM is simple in expert mode the "/" followed by the "text_to_search" does the trick. Anyways you always have the traditional search box too.]
>I should also be mentioning about syntax highlighting. I have seen perl,C,Java and html in it. But it does support many more.
The best part about VIM(graphical- hence GVIM) is that everything is configurable and an operation can be carried out in more than one ways(simpler,quicker).
I will be adding more to this post about VIM/GVIM/Cream as I get to explore more.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Open Source

I have been testing some really good opensource softwares for quite some time now. And I have found them to be really handy. I will be mentioning about them from time to time.
Some of the opensource applications installed are:
1. Cygwin
2. Cream/Vim - best editor I have ever used
3. Filezilla - FTP client and server
4. OpenOffice
5. VNC
6. Putty - Telnet client
7. Xitami WebServer
8. 7-Zip
9. Rampage
10. Virtual Dimension