Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Winpooch, an opensource watch-dog for Windows
Winpooch is a Windows watchdog, free and open source. Anti spyware and anti trojan, it gives a full protection against local or external attacks by scanning the activity of programs in real time. Associated with ClamWin antivirus, Winpooch keeps safe your computer against virus.

API Hooking
: Winpooch uses the API Hooking method. It spies programs when they are running and gives to the user a powerful control of their activity.For example, you can forbid a program to write in a system directory or in the registry, or else to connect to internet. That makes the difference between others anti spywares using a database of known signatures.

* Description: detection of spywares and trojans. It becomes an anti virus if associated with ClamWin
* Development Status: open source project in progess
* Environment: Win32 (MS Windows)
* License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
* Natural Language: English, French, Italian, Polish
* Operating System: 32-bit MS Windows (NT/2000/XP)
* Programming Language: C

Name: Winpooch
Birthday: 2004-10-26

I finally found a antispyware and antitrojan which is light and simple. The best about Winpooch is that it uses filters which are powerful and easily customizable. I was able to test by changing some startup parameters and it worked flawlessly by identifying the access and immediately notified me too. I use Winpooch with ClamWin and its a charm to have them both. I will be talking about ClamWin in my next post. I found the the combination of ClamWin, Winpooch and the Firefox extension plug in for ClamWin together made up a very powerful, dynamic and accurate barrier for all the rogue elements we come across everyday! And best of all, all is free and all is open source.

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Anonymous said...

This software is extremely powerful and could eventually be some kind of lightweight Windows equivalent to systrace on Unix platform.

Danny Fullerton
IT Security Specialist