TrueDownloader - Open Source Download Accelerator And Manager

TrueDownloader is a open source download manager/accelerator with good features like Pause/Resume downloads, simultaneous downloads, segmented downloads for acceleration . Both HTTP and FTP protocols are supported , and it's very fast ! You can even improve it or adapt it to your needs since it's open-source. Some special features like HTTP/FTP Proxy support and ZIP previewing are supported too.

Integrates flawlessly into Internet Explorer, Mozilla and FireFox thanks to the Extension Technology.

Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP !

* This program is under GPL License.
** This program was originally called DownloadPlus but was renamed because of a trojan called DownloadPlus...

I am trying to integrate it to FireFox but havent been able to get it on 1.5 Any ideas?


Anonymous said…
The thing I always hate about download accelerator/resumers is they always want to integrate in IE. I don't want integration. I want a clean standalone application that does the job and doesn't bother me with unneeded integrations/extensions.
Techknight said…
You could try ConnectFusion. Though I haven't used much of this it sounds good and is open source too :-)

Download it from:
Hope this helps.

Let me know in case you find something even better.

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