Stickies (for Windows)

This is becoming a difficult way to put things together :-) A blog doesn't seem to work well for talking about stuff which have a link somewhere below. I am wondering whether a tagged blog or a wiki will work better.
Anyway I found one more open source application (only for Windows) called Stickies for Windows. I have already talked about one more post it like notes for the desktop before called A Note. This little software - Stickies has been developed by Bret Taylor and looks neat. Though I think "A Note" has more features than Stickies. But if you need a sticky which will work without any frills then Stickies is for you.

Stickies for Windows lets you put yellow sticky notes on your Windows desktop, much like the popular MacOS application. It is very simple, very customizable, and completely free!

Stickies has two prerequisites: Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 and Microsoft .NET. If the installer file displays any error messages, you need to install one or both of these packages.

... released the source code for Stickies under the MIT open source license, which effectively releases the source code with "no strings attached." See the provided development information for details. Stickies was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET in C#, Microsoft's new managed programming language.


Vinaya HS said…
I like A Note better. It's a great effort on your part to write about open source software.

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