Free and functional applications

I found this link which talks about quite a few of the opensource applications. These need not necessarily be for windows though. Thought someone might be interested.


Anonymous said…
Achean is a company specialising in Open Source apps predominantly for the Unix market. Having said that, many of the applications listed there also have ports for Windows.

Personally, it might be better to use Linux or *BSD instead. Of course, I am biased. :-)
Techknight said…
I would also prefer Linux any day than Windows. But it is interesting to know that we have people who believe in freeing code and building a community around it. Moreover we are much surer and trusting of a open source code than a proprietary
/private code. I think we can be assured of this fact. Open Source can not only be more secure but more rich in terms of the application feature and this is something I have been observing with my everyday use of such applications.

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