Tata Consultancy Services Embraces OpenOffice

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During a recent call with some folks at Bhubaneshwar, I was amazed to find them using OpenOffice for editing their word documents. Not that they enjoy that, but TCS seems to have replaced Microsoft Office completely with OpenOffice in that particular location.

I am not sure if given a choice they will start using Thunderbird, but Lotus Notes still is the favourite with TCS.

Mentioning about OpenOffice, there seems to be a much leaner and faster fork called Go-OO. I have not personally tried Go-OO but will do that shortly.

Going open source proves once again that where there is a will to save, there is always a open source app.

Speaking of which TCS has tried to contribute to the open source world in its own way. Check out the WANEM and Jensor projects in SourceForge.

Other organizations can take a few pages out of TCS' experiences and try replacing some expensive applications with its open source counterparts.

Way to go TCS!

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Sriranjini said…
I have personally used Jensor for some performance tuning. I must say that the tool is good. It just gave a whole lot of detailed information about procedures which were bottlenecks in my code. I didn't have to waste my time figuring out where the problem is...

I must appreciate TCS contribution to the open source world.

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