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I was interested in watching a Telugu movie which is a language I don't understand, but I wanted to because of the actress! Well Andy (Anandakrishna B) suggested he would translate the dialogues into english subtitles for me, but only if I could provide him a software which would help him in doing that. Now Andy is a very helpful and nice guy to do that for me, but that does not mean he does not appreciate working with a software which will not bog him down and has a short learning curve.

We would not have needed his help had the subtitle been packaged and put up online somewhere (usually And neither would we have read this post. So here I went hunting for one of the simplest and easiest and above all open source subtitle editor for videos or movies.

It was on this worthwhile quest that I found Jubler. A very simple, innocuous looking application, which at first glance might not look too useful. Truth is that like the rest of the apps I try without reading its faq or help, I was not able to figure out a few of the options which Andy said he needs to have to be able to use it. But a quick read of the simple FAQ answered all my doubts and was enough for me to start adding and editing subtitles.

Jubler lets you add subtitles section by section of the movie. Lets you slide and sort the subtitles around the movie and also offset them if required. We can hear the dialogues and even play the movie while adding or editing the subtitles. Jubler, needs the mplayer video player to be also installed in your system to play the video. Mplayer luckily is open source and pretty famous as VLC. Its not mandatory that you have to have mplayer installed, cause you get to hear the audio track of the movie in Jubler itself and the start and end of a subtitle section is identified with snapshots of the section being edited.

Well Andy has got his app but when is he going to add the subtitles? That is something we will have to wait for, hopefully not long! Till then happy movie watching and happier and quick subtitle editing with Jubler.
Update: Andy has got me the subtitle and is so proficient with Jubler, he has plans for adding subtitles to many more movies. Thanks to Jubler he is a happy subtitle editor and me a happy audience for his movie collection!


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