Mp3 Tag Tools

Since I got my own iPod I had to make sure that I get the ID3 tags of the MP3 songs right. Initially it was a tough job because most of the MP3 songs which I had had either no ID3 tags or were incorrect. With the number of songs in thousands it was getting difficult to manage all of them. Thats when I found a desktop tool named Mp3 Tag Tools which is a neat and extremely fast way to get my songs tagged and in turn accessed right from the iTunes application.

The features which I use most to re-tag my mp3s using Mp3 Tag Tools are:
  • Mass ID3 tagging
  • Custom Filename Format specification like "(Artist) - Album - Title - Ignore" using shortcuts "(*1) - *2 - *3 - *0" or selecting checkboxes
  • Write ID3 tags from Filenames using Custom Filename Format
  • Rename Filenames From ID3 tags using Custom Filename or Directory Format
  • Recursion - All these tag operations can be carried out by individually selecting one or more files from a mp3 tag list, created by searching a specified directory with or without recursion.
Introduction: Mp3 Tag Tools v1.2(C) 2003 John George K. is GNU GPL free software, intutive ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.x mp3 tag editing utility, with several features such as Mass ID3 tagging, Write ID3 tags from Filenames and Rename Files from ID3 tags using Custom Formats, Copy/Synchronize ID3 tags, Cleaning Filenames and Correcting their case, Create ID3 tags using Directory Formats, Create Directories and organize mp3s from ID3 tag info, Export ID3 tag data, Lyrics and Picture tagging, accurately read all MPEG info and append bitrate and mode to filenames. All these tag operations can be carried out with or without directory recursion.

The other most important feature which I found very useful was that it was not a very big software either in its memory usage or disk occupancy. It was simple to get me going though the tasks were pretty complex at times as I had to do a lot of mass custom tagging on my mp3s. Being programmed in native Windows programming code it is blazing fast and efficient. I would rate this app a 5 on my usability and usefulness list.

The application is Open Source (GNU GPL free software) and native Windows (programmed entirely in Visual C++6 & MFC). It has been programmed by John George K.

My iTunes is now complete with Mp3 Tag Tools!


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