ASuite - A simple application launcher

ASuite is a simple application launcher to manage an unlimited number of files, folders and webpage for quick access. It is designed to work with removable storage (uses relative paths) media like USB sticks, hard drives, iPods, etc.

I found ASuite while reading about Launchy(now at V1.25) in Wikipedia. This was the only other open source application Launcher which worked on Windows other than Launchy of course. Its a tiny piece of program which sits on your system tray and has a indexed and sorted list of files/folders/shortcuts/executables listed in it. The initial setup is as simple as adding a folder from the drive and scanning it for files (of any types). Once indexed we can traverse and execute the item from ASuite. There is a feature of searching through the indexed data (it is not Search As You Type!) and finding the required item and initializing it from the same window.

Though not as wonderful and easy as Launchy it is a simple program, which has been supposedly made to carry your links on a removable drive. But I am not very sure if it would be able to execute the indexed program or link when used in a different machine, even if it says that it indexes items relative to the system (and hence is portable). Anyways if you prefer a system tray icon and a mouse based quick launcher ASuite should suffice very well. Much better than many similar bloated and thick apps available at a price.

ASuite Features
* Manage list, organized in categories and subcategories
* Execute (one or more at once) software, folder or url
* Execute software on ASuite's startup or shutdown
* Trayicon Menu
* Lightweight: only 460KB
* Import lists of: winPenPack Launcher 1.x, PStart 2.0x e ASuite 1.x
* Most Recently Used (MRU)
* Can be used on any support
* Multilanguage (italian and english
* Restore session after crash
* Cache function (speed up asuite's startup)
* Software relased under GPL license


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