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A trillion dollar question it seems; this site provides mammoth references and links to make money out of open source software. A burning question for many full time open source developers and companies, I think this is one part of open source which is yet to be tapped. Asking the question "Can open source software companies and individuals developing these softwares make money?" raises another range of questions unanswered. I too have tried to rake my tiny grey cells and I came to a conclusion that we definitely can make money out of open source if we can provide a comprehensive and organised approach to open source software systems. By saying organised and comprehensive I would like to mean a more robust support and development approach. Once we have the quality and conformity in place we can try to raise a business around or way to earn some money from it. Thoughts are one and practical scenarios are different. It would be nice to hear some words on this from some open source developer or company which has tried its hand at trying to be financially viable for itself and the open source user community as well.
101 Ways to Make Money off Open Source
Found this link on the Pentaho site (a Business Intelligence Suite). Though 101, the author has listed at least 46 ways to make money from open source.


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