Safarp is a small and fast alternative to the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel applet of Windows 2000/XP. It displays a list of the installed programs and allows one to uninstall / repair them.

Additional features are:

* Search function
* Obsolete list entries removal
* Export program list to a file (HTML, RTF, CSV...)
* New report templates can be written to export to other file formats
* Accessibility via the Control Panel (optional)
* Option to hide the Windows hotfixes
* Standard Windows interface (no fancy UI that slows down the program)

Then came Safarp

So I made Safarp. It was designed for Windows 2000 and later versions (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003...). Safarp stands for Small And Fast Add/Remove Programs. It's not as full featured, not as pretty, but it's fast. As a comparison, where Add or Remove Programs takes 30~40 seconds to load, Safarp loads in less than a second. This fastness is allowed by two features: the Fast mode and the Load icons option.

I had to write about Safarp. I could not resist talking about it. I have been so troubled with the Windows original "Add and Remove Program" that when I found about Safarp, it came as a big relief.
If anyone has used the Windows version of the application we are discussing then they would have realised the pain involved in uninstalling a program with it. The pain areas are basically the amount of time it takes to open the window and then the amount of time it takes to show the complete list of applications installed. It might not have be so perceptible had it not been that I install and uninstall applications routinely and so frequently. I have found the uninstalling of programs so dragging that I would at times postpone that for days so that I could do it together.
With Safarp this has become a breeze. It loads in a giffy and the applications are listed as fast. With a search feature I don't even have to scroll. I type the application name and it filters out just as I type. And click on the "remove" button to finish the purge! Small and Fast - Safarp can literally blow off your old uninstall experience like never before...
To keep Safarp small and fast, only Win32 API calls were used (no MFC).


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