Krut Computer Recorder

A computer recorder. Record audio and video from your computer screen into .mov-files and .wav-files. Can be used to e.g. make instructional videos or record games. Could also be used to record streaming video and audio.
Screenshots here.

I had mentioned about a screen recorder for windows vnc2swf-screen-recorder in a previous post. Well the obvious difference is that the vnc2swf saves the recording in swf (flash) format whereas Krut in .mov and .wav files. Some uses may include ripping streaming video in any format as long as it is getting displayed on the screen and to prepare a instructional video for some presentation. A very plus for Krut would be that it does not require installation of any other software or setting up some other application to do its work. Moreover it is platform independent - which basically means we could take the same code/application and run it without any modification on any operating system (be it Linux or Windows). Haven't done a thorough use or analysis of this application yet but should be useful. So if someone finds something more do post a comment.


prix1k said…
Krut Computer Recorder it is not the best way to record audio and video from your computer. There are a lot of other .
Anonymous said…
care to elaborate smart guy?

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