Wilbur, Wilma and The File Seeker

Continuing with the last post here are two more open source applications which can be used to search the computer for files and contents of those files.

Wilbur: Supposed to be a file assistant to search for files in your system drive. According to the developers "Every office seems to have one vital person who is the only one who can find anything in the file cabinets. Wilbur wants to be the electronic equivalent of that person for your computer." I was not impressed much with this as far as looks go. And neither have I run a timing test to check its indexing speed or result return rates. If anybody has then do post the find. The features are listed here and some of them like the quick mini preview of the contents is a neat feature not found in the others.

The File Seeker: It is an application to find files in hard disks quickly. Neat looks and a quick index makes it promising. Yet like the others need to work up on a lot more features still.

Wilma:Wilma is a program for quickly finding text lurking in the files on your computer. It does this by creating an index of what words are in which files and this allows it to later find files containing a given word or set of words almost instantaneously. Somehow I still have to get used to the browser based search of my desktop. But like GDS many find it more easy to get it done from their browsers and with a tabbed Firefox it can be done from a single window. The application will need to support more file types before people can take it as a alternative to Google's GDS.

Carry on ye eager seekers!


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