A Note

A Note is a program that lets you create post-it like notes on your Microsoft Windows desktop.
The program sits in the system tray and with either one click or a double click a new note appears and you can write the message directly.
The best part though...it's completely free!

A Note has several features:
* Synchronize
* Alarm
* Print
* Email
* Font
* Note color
* Autosave
* Translucency
* Stay on top (or not)
* Dockable
* Title
* Import / Export
* Translations to other languages (version 1.2)

I am using "A Note" and I like it for its simplicity and effectiveness. Not too many useless features, no memory hogging and yes does best what its supposed to do - take notes. There is another open-source option HandyNotes (http://handynotes.net/) that I found but it seems it needs the Microsft JVM to run which I dont have and would not like to have. Anyways since its open source I am sure someone will remove MS-JVM and put in the more useful one ;)


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