Has been a long time now that I have posted here. So I am back with another open source application.
RAMpage is a Windows utility that displays the amount of available memory in the System Tray. It can also free memory; by double clicking the tray icon, by setting a threshold that activates the program automatically, or by having it run automatically when an application exits.
RAMpage is free to use, and the source code is also freely available.


* Frees memory automatically, on demand, or after an application finishes running
* Very low active memory footprint, and very low resource and CPU usage
* Can run "hidden", which further reduces memory and resource usage
* Can be run from a batch file, or via a shortcut, to free memory on a "once off" basis
* Easy to install, configure and automate, (click here to see the configuration screen)
* Freeware
Things RAMpage does NOT do:
* Free System, GDI, User resources, (sorry!)
* Compress memory
* Modify cache, or other system settings
Most common mistakes:
* Freeing too much memory
* Confusing "Resources" with "Memory"
* Not reading the online help

I have been using this now for some months and truly it works and works good. This one is a higly recommended neat little open source app.


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