vnc2swf - Screen Recorder

vnc2swf - Screen Recorder: "vnc2swf
Screen Recorder

What's It?

Vnc2swf is a screen recording tool for X-Window (X11), Windows and Mac OS Desktop. Vnc2swf captures live motion of a screen through VNC protocol and converts it a Macromedia Flash(TM) movie (.swf)."

Download and Installation

Vnc2swf runs on UN*X and MacOS X. You need at least one VNC server and Ming-0.2a, a library for generating SWFs, to run this program. (NOTE: vnc2swf does not work with Ming-0.3)

Author: Yusuke Shinyama

License: Vnc2swf comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


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