eXe: the eLearning XHTML editor

1. Introduction | eXe: the eLearning XHTML editor:
"What is eXe?

The eLearning XHTML editor (eXe) is a web-based authoring environment designed to assist teachers and academics in the design, development and publishing of web-based learning and teaching materials without the need to become proficient in HTML, XML or complicated web-publishing applications.

The Web is a revolutionary educational tool because it presents teachers and learners with a technology that simultaneously provides something to talk about (content) and the means to hold the conversation (interaction). Unfortunately, the power of this hypertext medium is constrained in educational settings because the vast majority of teachers and academics do not have the technical skills to build their own web pages, and must therefore rely on the availability of web developers to generate professional looking online content."

One more open source application which shows why we need more of these than anything else now. Do leave a comment if someone finds more about it and has used it.
Find the Screen Shots here...


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